CLEANCOR Energy Equipment Solutions

Mission Statement

CLEANCOR is a 'smart energy' merchant platform committed to investing in and building new businesses focused on the development, distribution, and solutions that accelerate end-customer adoption of alternative fuels that have a favorable environmental footprint and the potential to economically displace legacy petroleum-based fuels such as diesel or gasoil in power generation, agriculture, mining, marine, rail, trucking, and other energy-intensive end uses.

CLEANCOR Equipment Solutions

CLEANCOR Equipment Solutions was established in June 2014 to address the growing demand for transportation and processing equipment for cryogenic and high pressure gas in the energy industry. CLEANCOR Equipment Solutions provides both long and short term leases and builds a unique solution for each individual client and situation. The current equipment offerings include:

  • ISO containers for the transportation of LNG and CNG
  • skid based equipment for NGL separation and treatment, natural gas pressure regulation, compression, and regasification

The equipment can be employed in a variety of uses by oil and gas exploration, midstream processing, pipeline operators, industrial gas companies, local market gas distribution utilities, and commercial and industrial end users.

Equipment Details and Facts


CLEANCOR’s high pressure CNG transportation and storage containers are manufactured in Texas by Kelley GTM Manufacturing.

Each module consists of 9 resin and fiberglass wrapped steel vessels placed in an intermodal shipping container.

  • Each vessel is made of steel and then wrapped in high strength fiberglass and resin. This reduces the weight and increases strength, safety, and transportation capacity
    • Containers are 40-50% lighter than all steel designs
    • GTM’s have tensile strength > 300,000 psi.
      • Most pipeline steel has a tensile strength of 75,000-90,000 psi
      • GTM modules are operated at 3250 psi with a capacity of 123,606 scft per module
      • 2 GTM modules may be mounted on a heavy duty trailer to deliver 247,212 scft of CNG per trailer

Potential uses for these trailers include:

  • Servings as a temporary supply of natural gas during pipeline testing or repairs
  • Serving as a backup supply of natural gas for emergencies
  • Transport of CNG or LNG to locations without direct pipeline access
  • Utilization in utility or privately owned mother-daughter CNG operations


CLEANCOR offers a variety of equipment for use with LNG including:

ISO containers for storage and transportation

  • 40 foot cryogenic ISO containers can be placed on a chassis for transportation or set at a facility as a storage unit
  • Holds approximately 10,000 gallons of LNG stored at -260 F
  • Has a stainless steel outer shell and ISO frame for added strength

Vaporizers of various sizes to suit a wide range of volume requirements and flow rates

  • Small, medium, and large vaporizers can be used to re-gasify LNG for use in a range of applications.
  • Different size vaporizers can accommodate multiple needs due to their varying physical size and LNG capabilities
  • We offer equipment to handle LNG volumes up to 300,000 gallons per month and are equipped handle peak flow rates up to 195,000 scf/h
  • Small vaporizers take up very little space at a facility while larger vaporizers can handle more complex situations and can operate for longer periods of time or continuously.
  • Multiple vaporizers can be combined to suit the precise specifications of each LNG application

Mobile fuelers with LNG and LCNG fueling capabilities

  • CLEANCOR can provide mobile fuelers equipped with both an LNG nozzle and a CNG nozzle to accommodate all natural gas fueling needs at any location.
  • the CNG nozzle has a flow rate of 6.8 GGE/hour.
  • The LNG nozzle can deliver 25 DGE/minute

About the Company

CLEANCOR Equipment Solutions is a subsidiary of CLEANCOR Energy Solutions LLC. CLEANCOR Energy Solutions was established in 2013 as a joint venture of SEACOR Holdings Inc. and Balfour Investors Inc. It is an energy merchant platform focused on financing, investing in, and building businesses that provide solutions or otherwise enable the migration of transportation, logistics, and industry from legacy petroleum-based fuels to smart, cleaner alternative energy sources.

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